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Fri, 2006-12-15

The Information Commissioner has responded permalink
to my complaint about automated marketing phone calls despite my being on the TPS register.

Some interesting snippets: 15th December 2006

Thank you for your correspondence regarding telephone calls from Satellite Direct.


In this case we have received a number of complaints regarding these calls.


Although the Information Commissioner has no powers to punish any organisation or individual for any likely contravention of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, there is action he can take to bring about future compliance with the Regulations. So if people are still receiving these illegal phone calls from Satellite Direct, please complain to both the Information Commissioner (if they are automated) and/or the TPS (if you are on their register), so that they can get their wet lettuce ready to give Satellite Direct a good slapping.

No response yet from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.