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Wed, 2022-07-27

System clock losing several seconds per minute permalink
Note to self. If this happens again, shut the computer down, turn off the power supply and hold the power button down for several seconds to totally drain any voltage. Most interesting thing in the log:

APIC calibration not consistent with PM-Timer: 0ms instead of 100ms
APIC delta adjusted to PM-Timer: 1440271 (1022)
[Update] adding tsc=unstable to the kernel boot command line in grub sorted the problem.

Creating an encrypted backup on a USB stick permalink

USB sticks are 1) slow to write and 2) wear out. I've previously ruined a stick by creating a LUKS encrypted filesystem on one and then rsync'ing my home directory to it.

My work-around has been to create the filesystem in a Logical Volume on my hard disc and then dd it

However, this doesn't work (anymore?). cryptsetup luksOpen of the USB stick fails:

Jul 26 14:40:57 frodo kernel: device-mapper: table: 254:29: crypt: Device size is not multiple of sector_size feature (-EINVAL)
Jul 26 14:40:57 frodo kernel: device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table
This can be further worked around by mapping a loop filesystem of the correct size onto the LV:
losetup --show --sizelimit 123730388992 -f /dev/vg1/templv

Example commands

## what is the size of the USB stick?
lsblk -b /dev/sdd
# sdd    8:48   1 123730388992  0 disk

## create LV of that size
lvcreate -n temp -L123730388992b vg1

## but it's too big
lsblk -b /dev/sdd /dev/mapper/vg1-temp
# sdd        8:48   1 123730388992  0 disk
# vg1-temp 254:15   0 123731968000  0 lvm

## so set up a loop device
losetup --show --sizelimit 123730388992 -f /dev/vg1/temp

cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/loop0

cryptsetup --verbose --debug luksDump /dev/loop0  | grep "Device size"
# Device size 123730388992, offset 16777216.

cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/loop0 enc-usb

mkfs.f2fs /dev/mapper/enc-usb
mount /dev/mapper/enc-usb /mnt/usb

# now rsync the files to /mnt/usb

umount /mnt/usb/
cryptsetup luksClose enc-usb
losetup -d /dev/loop0

# copy to USB
dd if=/dev/vg1/temp of=/dev/sdd bs=4M status=progress