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Mon, 2019-05-06

How to load the co-ordinates of caves into OsmAnd permalink
(Updated 06-May-2019). .gpx files, and other formats, can be found at

(Updated 16-Dec-2018. Since the death of Professor Charles Read, his website at Leeds University has disappeared, however parts of it, but not the .gpx/.gpi files are is available at, as well as at )

(As an aside, I note that he has an Erdős number of 4)

OsmAnd is a free map app for Android.

To overlay the co-ordinates of caves:

* Use the Chrome browser
* visit
* scroll down, then long click on a link to a GPX file.
* save to the Downloads directory

* In OsmAnd, tap on the three bars at the bottom left to open the menu
* "My places", "My Tracks", "Import"
* Tap on the icon for a file, it changes to a tick, then "Open"
* for subsequent imports, click on the "+" at the bottom left.

* Finally, on the "My tracks" page, tap on the three dots to the right of a file and "show on map".